Bildschirmfoto 2014-02-18 um 10.30.54Meeting in Osaka the first time introduced by Tetsuya Goto. Walking around Nambasennichimae. Taking photographs with Fuji’s disposable cameras.

Create Party

with music by Atsumi Tagami & Koshiro Hino (Osaka), Shunsuke Oshio (Düsseldorf) and Swen Buckner (Düsseldorf). At Katja Stuke’s & Oliver Sieber’s studio.

»Let’s return to a face. A face covered in dots. This act prohibits entry but yet draws attention to the psychology of looks. Expression is a strategy. If you are consciously turning an expression then you are peering over something. You are looking above and beyond an imaginary horizon that ties how you perceive your face to carry meaning, with your assumptions about the reaction of the person that meets your gaze, analyses your features and speaks an inner monologue in response to your profile.« Daniel C. Blight read more»»

Who’s Henguchi?

Poet, Photographer
Born July 26, 1973 in Osaka, Japan

2000 Poetry debut in poetry magazine Wasteland
2001 Designed, published and crafted The Sport Metal of Invertebrates
2006 Winner, Canon New Cosmos of Photography Award
2010 Founded Kurome Garo (Gallery Iris) in Osaka, Japan over 250 successive talk sessions, readings and exhibitions until now.
Published the poetry collection WMMWWMWWWMWMMWMWW with the imprint nobodyhurts
2011 Exhibition and Performance, ANT!FOTO
2014 Published the poetry and photograph collection Lizard Telepathy,Fox Telepathy with the imprint Chin Music Press Seattle
Kurome Garo»»

Who’s Katja?

born 1968, lives and works in Düsseldorf.

Katja Stuke works as a photographer on her own independend photographic projects. And together with Oliver Sieber – under the label BöhmKobayashi – they cover an extensive range of personas: photographers and artists, curators and exhibition organizers (ANT!FOTO), designers, art book editors and publishers. Regardless, in their works and activities as artists and art facilitators they have long since become moderators of a very specific photographic culture. During the last years she exhibited i.a. at Kunsthalle Bremen, Museum für Photographie Braunschweig, Museum for Contemporary Photography, Chicago, Museum Folkwang Essen, Museum Morsbroich, Leverkusen, Kunstmuseum Bonn, Temple Paris and Florence Loewy, Paris. BöhmKobayashi»»